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Where sustainability and media intertwine to create a greener, more impactful world.

Sustainable Storytelling

Focuses on telling the stories of luxury brands in a way that highlights their commitment to sustainability. Narratives that emphasize the brand's eco-conscious practices, ethical sourcing, social responsibility initiatives, and dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment and society.

Media Planning and Strategy

We are here to help clients develop effective media strategies and plans to reach their target audience. We analyze market trends, consumer behaviour, and client objectives to determine the most suitable media channels and platforms for advertising campaigns.

Commercial Photoshoots

At our media agency, we specialize in comprehensive commercial photoshoots, handling every aspect from A to Z. While you have the freedom to select the models, location, and photographer of your choice, we take care of everything else. From concept development and creative direction to production coordination and post-production editing, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and exceptional photoshoot experience.

Looking to capture stunning moments in the enchanting city of Paris?

Image by Léonard Cotte

We've got you covered, from finding the perfect models and makeup artists to ensuring every detail is picture-perfect.


Let's create magic together in the City of Lights!

A sustainable luxury media agency that specializes in providing media services and solutions to luxury brands while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

Measurement of Sustainable Impact

The agency focuses on measuring the sustainable impact of its media campaigns. We track and analyze relevant metrics such as the reach and engagement of sustainability-focused content, audience perception, and behaviour change towards more sustainable choices.

Green Production Practices

We offer processes that align with sustainable principles—striving to minimize carbon footprint and environmental impact throughout the production stages, from concept development to post-production.

Ethical Representation and Inclusivity

We value diversity, inclusivity, and ethical representation within our media productions. We offer a range of individuals, cultures, and perspectives, promoting inclusivity and breaking stereotypes in the sustainable industry.

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I am happy to help you creating content and get this thing rolling. From photographer to managing your socials. I got it all. 

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