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Social Media - 6 November, 2020
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4 Instagram tips for B2C

Instagram is growing and growing. It will be a place to boom your business online. As one of the top 10 most used social media platforms, you need to get on top of your game. Booming online sales has never been this easy but you need to know how to sell your brand online. There are 4 key tips to grow, sell and to create a community. 

Tip 1

Having a cohesive feed is key. This means that your feed should be appealing to your customer's eyes. Many people think that a cohesive feed means the same colours, same photo's and overall a boring look. NO, it means that you have to look at what kind of picture you are going to pose. Don't pose 3 pictures of models having the same pose. This is boring. 

Your brand should be reflected by the images, videos, reels and so on. If your brand is about dark colours you should not have a colourful feed, but it should also not be boring. Try to change from image to video. Maybe show a behind the scene photo. Everything your brand stands for must be shown on your feed. Get creative!

If a customer wears your items you could repost it on your feed, but with their consent. Or you could put it in your stories to show engagement. 

For an easier look at your feed, you should download an app that helps you with this.  Now you can plan out your feed and content for the next couple of weeks. 

Apps: Planoly (a personal favourite), Later and UNUM.  

Tip 2

Post not only images but go for video's, IGTV and reels. We all know that we rather watch a clip rather than a picture. Adapt and go with the flow. You can get creative. For example, you could post your fashion show or the behind the scene of your photoshoot. Your videos will be watched more than your pictures. In conclusion, it has more chances of going viral, seeing more eyes could lead to more sales and you could grow in likes, comments and followers. This all contributes to having an engaging community. 

Tip 3

Repost your TikTok or Pinterest content on Instagram. Putting so much effort and time into creating content for your business is hard. However, maybe you have a different customer base on different social media channels. That means that you have to consider and be careful with what you repost. Do not repost everything just to have content. Quality over quantity.

Last week, I posted in my stories who are on Instagram and who is on TikTok. From all the participants a lot of people preferred to be on Instagram and did not have any TikTok account. But, if I repost my content from TikTok on Instagram people seemed to love it. This shows me that my followers on both apps are different. This means I have to create different content for these different followers. This is the same for B2C and influencers. 

Yet, reposting is not a bad thing and will give you always something to post just remind yourself who your customer base is. 

Tip 4

Engage with your community/customers. A lot of brands don't seem to see the joy that brings to communicate. This is essential for growth online. Like and comment on hashtags that your business is using. Follow inspirational or potential influencers. 

If someone comments on your content, reply. You do not have to use many words but you could reply with an emoji. The person that comment will see that and will feel more attached to the brand over time. 

Communicating with your community is harder than you might think. Give it time. You have to be consistent in commenting, liking and engaging otherwise you won't see any results.

One bonus pro tip is to put all your data in an excel file and watch closely what is happing with your page. You will see growth but it will take time, creativity, and hard work. 




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