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Social Media - 4 November, 2020
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You need to get on TikTok ASAP

Since lockdown has taken over our daily life TikTok has been on a rise. At first, I did not believe in the magic of TikTok. I am not the person that will pose her dances on the internet. However, when I had extra time on my hands I downloaded TikTok and the day turned into night. In short, I watched a couple of hours of TikTok videos. 

I have been trying out TikTok for a view weeks now and I love it. It is very easy to grow. I saw my friend, who started her own jewellery business, has immense growth and a lot of views. Some of my own videos only got a couple of views and some were getting a lot. To understand this process you have to change your account from a regular account to a business account. 


Now, you have access to analytics. You can take a look at the video views, followers and profile views. It is important to see your growth and to analyze which video is doing good and which video is doing badly. You want to analyze this because you want to grow. However, this is not a magic tool to go viral. If you want to go viral you have to try out a lot of different things in your niche. You have to be one of the first to use some sounds or doing new challenges. This will increase the chances of going viral but will also not give you the guarantee. 

If you go to your video and select analytics you will find more information about your video. This includes total playtime, total views an average watch time. What I have noticed is that depending on your content the watch time is very different per account. Are you about news, information, are you trying to teach your followers something? Your watch time will most likely be longer than if you have content about inspo, fashion or something funny. 

Traffic source is perfect to understand if your content is seen by your followers or just shown on the For You page on TikTok. Furthermore, you can see your audience territories. Seeing where your audience is located and how many people you reached. This does not mean that the amount of people that have seen your video is the same as the number of people that you have reached. There is a difference due to the fact that people can swipe your video away if they are not interested. That is the reason why your video should be clear and engaging from the beginning. 


Always have an extra look on your trending videos to create your new scheduled posts. If one video goes hard it does not mean that the video you recreate will go hard too. 

In conclusion, the analytics are not very in-depth. Instagram does give you more analytics about your social media status. Tiktok is more or less a vague social media platform. It does not have the magic ingredients for online fame. But if you create videos on the daily basis, be consistent and have a relevant voice you will grow fast. 

The reason why you should join the TikTok community today is that you will grow fast and you can be super creative with your content. As a business account, your products will have much more exposure and you will see an increase in sales. Influencers will have so much more amazing brand deals and opportunities when they join now. 

The magic is now in your hands.




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