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Social Media - 11 November, 2020
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How I create content for influencers

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I started with a disposal camera that we got from our parents for the summer holiday. Always thinking carefully what to take pictures of since you only got 30 atemps. After a couple of years I got a camera for my birthday. The quality is now more worse than our phone camera. However, I used this camera so much. Not to take pictures of flowers or any still living, but I used this camera to take pictures of my friends. I would let them pose and do crazy poses. After some years of saving and I finally got myself a SLR camera. 

How do you get in contact with influencers? 

Influencers are people that influence their audience. This mostly done online. Therefore, you need a social media account to find influencers that suit your brand or company. I started my account @hannahteitink when I was 17 years old. Over the years I gained 2.400 followers. I am always working on engaging and participating in my fashion community. When you already have a following, commenting and liking influencers are more likely to respond to your message. 

Hence, I first started commenting on some posts, started liking a bunch of their content. Check out their reels, stories and IGTV. Is this influencer a real asset for your social media channel? Than, I started following them and send them a message. 

Before a photoshoot

First I do a little stalking of all the content that this influencer has created over the years. Has there been a style switch? Focus not only on images but also on video's that the influencer has created. I need to get an idea who this person is and how to create the best possible pictures for this person. Personally, I really like to take pictures of faces and details shots but not all influencers are seeking for this. Therefore, you really need to understand who your influencer is. 


Before we take any pictures we have to brainstorm. What are the pictures about, is there a brand collaboration, or is it just inspo, for which social media channel are the photo's? 

After the brain storm and the little stalking I create a moodboard where we can always have a look at when we are not inspired anymore. On top of that I always send the influencer my moodboard so that they can have a look at it. Maybe we need to change colors, poses or location. 

During the shoot

I always say how I would like the influencer to pose. Tell them when they are doing super good or when there is something they could do better. After doing a couple of shoots, a lot of influencers told me that most of the time they did not know what they were doing because the photographer did not tell them anything. I always say that communication is super important especially when you create content. I always show the pictures to my clients and let them decide if it is good or not. 

Creating content is not only taking pictures. It is also taking video's and creating TikTok, reels or video's for YouTube. 

After the shoot

Within 1.5 week I try to have looked through all pictures and selected a width variety of different styles. The editing will be the same style. I edited the pictures with minimal changes. Personally, I prefer the pictures not that much edited. However, if the influencer wants her pictures more edited she can always ask. 

After the editing, I send all pictures by WeTransfer. Normally between 200-500 pictures. This seems as a lot and it is. Editing costs time and effort but the results are fenemonal. Talking to influencer I noticed that they hate it when they only receive 20 - 30 pictures. Therefore, with me you will receive a width variety so that you can make the choice which one you should post. 

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