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Content - 10 March 2021
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What is social media growth?

Most of the time when companies or influencers post a picture on Instagram, Tiktok or Pinterest they are hoping of better numbers. The numbers are really important for their next brand deal or collaboration with other companies. Therefore, it is important to understand what social media growth is and how to grow online.


In a nutshell, social media growth means growing on social media. This can be a number of followers, audience reached, clicks on a video or photo, shared, saves or any number regarding the content that was posted on the internet. There are globally over 3.6 billion people using social media and the number will increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. That means that if you are a content creator in any form, how are you going to position yourself for the future?


There are multiple ways to grow on social media however, it is sometimes very easy to grow on social media or just not. Even harder, how to stay relevant to your niche, group or community.

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There are different strategies to grow your target audience.

  • Video Content

This is not a new strategy, but social media channels are pushing video content and therefore, it is so important to be there and be present with video content, which is engaging, educating or funny. Short and captivating videos on social media often go viral. They have a wider reach and increased engagement, and result in higher conversion rates and also increased revenue.

  • Live Streaming

Even if the COVID situation improves in 2021, live streaming will be staying. People are now used to being able to interact with brands online. They can see the product without leaving their home. But live streaming isn't just for gaming. Streaming major shopping events are becoming more popular too. In many ways, this is taking the familiar home shopping channel and updating it for the current age. Hence, seeing more and more customer service carried out by live streaming. This includes activities, such as setting up webinars/launches, that would have been unthinkable in the past.

  • Social Media Communities

Social media Communities are social groups created by a spokesperson, brand or influencer to provide as a networking platform for their customers. These groups are often privet that includes people that are like-minded, and you can only join the group if you share an interest. Moreover, brands can utilize such groups to bring all of their customers to interact with each other about the product or service. Group members can discuss various topics and share experiences while the brands are gaining valuable information from the insight.

Image by Andrew Neel



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