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Social Media - 4 November, 2020
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Nothing is more annoying than those Instagram bots that are commenting on your Instagram with 'Hi love, we would like you to have as our brand ambassador. Just send us a DM'. You have been looking for a deal for quite some time and this company wants you to promote their product. Perfect, so you shoot them a DM. Moreover, you receive a large text saying that you need to buy 2 products with 20% or less off the products and shipping costs is for your own costs. These accounts are scam, and these products will never see you.


There is something you can do to stop accounts to comment on your profile with these offers.

  1. Go on your Instagram account

  2. Go to settings

  3. Go to privacy

  4. Go to comments

  5. Click on Filters and Hide Offensive Comments

  6. Click on Manual Filter

  7. Write down DM and or Offer

Now all the comments that are saying DM are not allowed. Something I had tried before was blocking these accounts because at one time it were so many. After a while of blocking all ghosts, fake and fake company accounts, Instagram blocked me. That means that Instagram is not secure to these accounts and did not find a way to remove all fake accounts but instead block the user. This is something where TikTok does it better in my opinion.

Is there are way we can delate those accounts?

Yes, there are apps around that can help you cleanse your account, but I would not recommend it nor doing it manually. The changes Instagram will block you for an amount of time is really big. Therefore, there are ways if Instagram allows it.


Is it a good idea to automize commenting and liking?

For your business its really bad. There has been a shift from buying from big retailers to buy from local shops. This can also be seen on social media. Consumers do not want an account that shares products. Consumers want a shop to share ideas, visions, dreams, inspiration and their product. Buying from someone you know is the new way. This means that automatically liking and commenting won’t get you anywhere. Consumers will notice it.  



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