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Content - 20 January 2021
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When is content successful?

On social media, we post circa 1.8 Billion photos to our social media channels. That means you have a lot of competition if you want to rank higher, reach your ideal client and pursue clients into making a purchase. But how and when is content successful? It depends on your goal.


Before starting my social media management with clients, I always ask what their goal is on social media. You can have multiple long-term and short-term goals. For example: generating 2 times the sales they have now or just growing brand awareness. But when do you see results from posting online and how do you achieve them? There are some simple tips that you can use to let your personal brand or business brand grow online.


Firstly, be consistent with what you share. On which platform you share the information and which information you share. For influencers, it is important to have strong values because brands will work together with you only if you a clear topic. Moreover, brands also should show what they are aiming for. Strong values are vice versa.

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After being consistent with a strong message it is important to connect with your audience and with people from the industry. For both parties, it is important to know your audience and to have an open dialogue. You can only have successful content if you know whom you are talking to. That is why having the conversions with your audience and peers is super important.


  • Encourage conversations with your community. It is important to have different opinions. Therefore, encourage and participate in the conversations around your post. That means you have to put a lot of time and effort into your audience. However, my tip is to always set a timer because otherwise, you will spend way too much time online. Take your time seriously and focus on important aspects. Spread your time online on different social media but never forget your goal.

  • When your content is out there it is important that your content gets reposted because than the algorithm thinks it is worth to boost it. That means that more people will see it. Therefore, create a call to action in your post. For example, you can always ask a question in which people will answer. This will generate more conversions, comments and authenticity for your brand.  

  •  Use a social media strategy. Never before we had so many different social media platforms. If you are a product service brand and you have a LinkedIn profile it is not the smarted thing to put all your time on LinkedIn. You should rather spend time connecting with your audience on Tiktok and Instagram. Therefore, I recommend everyone to have a social media strategy. Where would you like to be? Where is your customer? Where is the growth potential?


To come back on the question when content is successful. Your content is only successful when you have a clear mission, have a genuine conversation with your audience and if you have a strategy. Otherwise, your content will flop and be in the sea of all the other irrelevant content.



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