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Social Media Marketing


Why is it important to invest in social media marketing?

You want to make more sales online? You are at the right spot. Everybody is always online. We are getting inspired, learn new things and we shop online. That is why your social media marketing should be on point to generate more sales. 


What is included:

- Social media Questionnaire

- Creative Concept

- Monitoring social media channels

- Tips and tricks 

- Optimize SEO

- Social advertising

- Research, analytics and reporting

- Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Time Line:  12 weeks

Investment starting : €2.100


For whom?

- Clothing brand 

- Shoe brand

- Macro influencers

- Micro influencers

The process is easy


Let's chat - book an appointment

Starting with a call to talk about your online business goals and go from there. After we get to know each other a bit more, I will send you over the project timeline and contract. From there, let’s get your project on the books — a non-refundable deposit will secure your spot.

If we can I prefer to meet in person. 


Visuals and moodboard

After our brief call, I will get you on our books. Following, you will receive a questionnaire to allow me to dig deeper and understand your wishes.  This allows me to envision what you’ve been dreaming about for your brand.


Once I got to know your wishes, you will receive a document that outlines the strategy that I will apply to your brand. This document will include a moodboard that explains the color palette, typography inspiration, any imagery that embodies the overall mood/tone of the brand, and a brief explanation about how we will go further for your  marketing strategy and how it will be implied. 


This gives me the opportunity to explore anything that doesn’t seem aligned before we move onto the design process.


The creative part

Yay! We secured the perfect  strategy for you. Let’s start creating!

The next step will be diving into making your dreams reality by presenting you the final concept, including the final marketing plan, the brand identity plan and the images that secure you have the perfect content plan. 


In addition, you will receive a feedback form that is provided with questions for you to answer.


Implementation - Show it !

Perfect. Now, you are ready to implemented the new strategy and brand identity. Once, everything is ready to be implemented, I will explain and show you the right implementation.


In addition, you will receive a brand guideline to help guide you on how to use the marketing strategy, content plan and how to create the right content with the elements and your colours. 

At this point, you are ready to get the business rolling and grow online!

Go ahead and show off on social media what you’re working with and get people talking!!!

Ready to work together?

Let's chat

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