Brand Identity

Create a visual online and offline style for your business. Analysing the competition. Together we will define your mission. 

content marketing

Creating content that brings value to the customer. Help with implementing and promoting creative content. Analyse the needs of potential customers and how to use the right objectives. 

instagram strategy

Help with growing on Instagram. How to make the most out of Instagram. How to create a community. Increasing in engagement, profile visits and reach​.

Analyse my own Instagram

Most of my pictures are fashion related. This can be a outfit or more in detailed picture. I have been obsessing with Scandinavian style since forever. Mostly, I wear my dresses with cool boots and trousers with heels or loafers.


I post multiple pictures of the same outfit.  This is so much more sustainable than always showing new clothes. You do not need new clothes for every outfit post. 

The idea of this instagram is to inspire others instead of being a influencer. 


What is my Instagram theme? 

All my pictures are bright. I use lots of colour in my picture but nothing too much. The theme of my pictures is fashion and vintage / nowadays mood. 

If you scroll down my feed you will see lots of moods. It is really hard to stay in one direction. I have learned that this is not the way how you should post, if you would like to grow.  


How good is your Insta story ?

Good content on your Instagram feed is almost as important as good content on your Instagram story. With instagram stories we try to create a better connection to our viewers. You want to show how authentic you are and people want to see how you look in real life.

On my Insta story I show my daily life as photo's from what I eat, I wear, my friends and what I do throughout the day. 


I show my outfit combination via instagram feed and instagram story and you?

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