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Social Media - 13 January 2021
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How to get in touch with influencers?

We are in a time where we cannot think about a marketing campaign without influencers.  65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2021. Now that everything is online, consumers buy online, get the inspiration online, and we all overall spend more time on the internet. Resulting into a billion-dollar business.  Have you seen the latest it bags? Wondering why everybody wants to have that bag? Because brands send it to every influential influencer. When the consumer sees the bag over and over again the demand for these ‘it bags’ will rise.


In order to understand influencer marketing, you have to understand the influencer. To understand your influencer better it is important to have first some facts written down for you as a brand.

  • Why do you want to work with influencers?

  • What is your target audience?

  • Does the influencer have your target audience?

  • Which platform?

  • Which Format? Video, photo, carousel, live, stories, post?

  • How many influencers do you want?

To understand the influencer, you first have to know what your objectives, goals and mission are to work with them together. Most of the influencers work on their own without an agency or employee. That is why you have to be very clear in order to work with them otherwise they think you are just wasting their time.

Young Vlogger

Are you a fashion company wanting to work with an influencer that is located in the beauty industry? Remind yourself if this is the right influencer for you.

Are you a brand that aims for sustainability? Why would you work with an influencer who has every week another fast fashion haul? You won’t find your audience. Always check whom the influencer is you working with.


Now you know what you are looking for and checked your potential influencers. It is time to send out emails to create a partnership. When writing an email it is important to say the name of the influencer. Tell them what your brand is, what you sell, what your target audience is and why you want to work with them. Don't send emails with: 

Hi Babe,

Hi Girls,

Hi All, 

Hello miss,

This just looks inappropriate and fake. Be real. Like this. 

Don't forget to tell your influencers what you ask from them. Do you want 2 pictures and one video for just giving a product for free or are you paying them? Be transparent with what you want and what you can give them. Influencers will most likely to work with you again in the future. In addition, you will be surprised how many kind and motivated emails you will receive

Lastly, if the partnership is over always sending an email afterwards saying what went good, what could be better and where to improve. Maybe even do a facetime interview if you are having a strong partnership. Communication, building relationships and being authentic is the most important for your company brand identity and the influencers you work with.



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