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Social Media - 13 January 2021
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Digital trends for 2021

Since we start the year in lockdown retailers can't sell through physical shops. They need online shops to create a way to sell through the internet. Not only retailers but many more sectors are devastated into finding ways to continue the business. As written in the article before why you should start your digital business in 2021 there are certain trends in the digital business market that you should follow to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and create brand awareness.  


Starting with Instagram is dead. Yes, many people are saying that Instagram is dead and will be dead in 2 – 4 years from now. If it is not already. That is why you should start your business account on Tiktok and share video content. Instagram has changed its whole policy and look into something that is way too commercial. People like seeing influencers, new trends, inspiration, friends and family but the average user does not want to see ads every 5 seconds. Instagram has changed into a gold mine for Facebook but the pleasure of using it is over. Whereas you can be authentic on Tiktok. There are no oversaturated pictures, the low quality makes it authentic and you really speak to your audience instead of just a picture.

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Furthermore, video content is key. Nothing will beat interacting, funny or informatic video content. However, it is important to spread the right communication to your audience. Did you know that 52% of consumers say that when they watch a product video, they are more confident into making a purchase? There are plenty of ways to drive higher engagement from videos. You can start a YouTube channel, create Tiktok video’s, going on Live TikTok and Instagram. Your brand can even repurpose the videos on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn. However, there is SEO that you have to take in mind. Before uploading your video or even photo you have to write the right keywords in the SEO of your video or picture. SEO for content will be highly important into 2021 because everyone uploads so much content in a day it is hard to find the right content you are looking for.


Social media stories will be worth taking advantage of in 2021. First Snapchat introduced “My Story,” Then Instagram and Facebook have stories and now YouTube showed their format of Reels. Your brand can take advantage of FOMO (the fear of missing out) because those stories are only 24 hours live. After those 24 hours, they are gone. On Instagram, you can use polls to know exactly what your audience wants. Hence, you can use links to your website, take advantage of filters, location tags and mention brands and fans. After that, you should make a story with a clear call-to-action to create higher traffic to your business page.


Social Commerce and Shoppable Post were already dominating Instagram and Facebook. However, did you know that your audience can even save a picture or video with the brand tagged so that when they have money or in a need of buying, they can have a look into their saved and make the purchase afterwards? Consumers are more likely to buy from visual commerce that they see in their feed than by just scrolling through the brand's website. This means that you should get into this train and upgrade your account to a business account and share shoppable posts with your audience.


Consumers are floated in choices and therefore your brands must have the consumers trust through authenticity. Your website should be easy to reach, easy to scroll through with good quality content but your social media feeds can be messy, pictures of the normal people instead of only models. Authenticity will thrive in business in the future. Therefore, your business needs to make a plan to create authentic content and stories. Likes and followers are not as important any more than 5 years ago. The consumers want to know your story.

What are you going to do to bring your business alive in 2021?



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