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Personal Profile


👋Hi, I'm Hannah, an International Business student who is majoring in Marketing and Sales with the graduation year of 2023.

✨My aspirations
- I want to help companies operate the best way on social media and let them perform at a higher level.
- I want to drive change and make the world a better place. I want to inspire other people to look for more sustainable solutions with my group SICS (Sustainable Internship for Companies & Students) where I connect students with people from the industry.

💙Some things I love
Social Media | Sustainability | Photography |Creating Content | Being Creative

Send me a message if you'd like to connect! I'm always happy to support others and I love hearing your story.

Work Experience

Feb-June 2021



Bondi | Head of Marketing and PR


Coef | Sales advisor

- Writing articles in German and Dutch
- Translation in German and Dutch

- Updating the blog website layout

At Bondi, we create the best micromobility experience for the Netherlands.

- Creating a #bondiexperience community
- Influencer Marketing campaign
- Customer Service
- Student start-up.

- Provide customers with information about materials used for clothes, shoes and coats. 

- Up-to-date information about brands

- Sell product and brand with the core values of COEF

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