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Social Media - 16 June 2021
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5 things that increase your personal branding as an influencer

Since the first lockdown, the increase of influencers has skyrocketed. With so many influencers out there, your personal branding is important. We all know that social networks are not a true reflection of real life. A big part of growing your personal brand is by sharing experiences that you must do every day.


Everything we publish on the web affects in one way or another how others perceive us. There are certain things you can and cannot the on the internet and should not share. For example: complaining about other people and previous jobs. However, you can also use these networks to work for you to promote what you do, win customers, increase your income stream and become an important voice in your field.

1. Develop Your Voice

There are so many influencers out there, so why should people follow you? What makes you different from the other million influencers. Remember: if you pull many social media posts from the internet, would your stand out?


Developing a unique style guide can go a long way towards helping establish this unique voice. The easiest way is to make an overview including Voice of characteristic, description, do’s and don’ts, specific elements, and your brand colour.


2. Don’t just focus on selling

Part of successful personal branding is being mindful to not share too many self-promotional posts. That is why influencers do not always link every product to a brand when they post a picture or video. Part of their income is based on sponsorship and brand deals so when they tag too many brands their value decreases. Furthermore, focus on creating and sharing a mix of content that is tailored to your audience.


This includes:

  • Polls on timely, relevant topics

  • Tips and how-tos

  • Q&A sessions

  • Templates and cheat sheets

  • Informal ‘’day in the life’’ material.

 3. Keep sharing Regular

Once you have caught the attention of your target audience, maintain a regular sharing schedule to keep your target audience engaged. According to B2C Business 2 Community, a study showed that about 42% of those surveyed unfollowed brands due to posting too much, too often. A good rule to follow is to aim for consistency, not frequency.


4. Make yourself approachable

Make it easy for people to contact you and help them. When your target audience asks you to tell them where you purchased specific clothing items you can always send them a DM. This makes a personal conversation easy. Hence, look for opportunities to mentor those people that are facing similar challenges. For example: when your main target audience is sustainable fashion and people want to know how to create a sustainable closet with sustainable items, you are the mentor giving them the inspiration and tips.

Makeup Vlogger

5. Maintain a database of contacts and create friends in the industry

You must think long-term. What do you want to achieve with your social media presence?


Create a LinkedIn account where you add the people you meet on Instagram or TikTok. Interact with them when they are achieving new goals or posting new content. Hence, having an updated database with all information will make it easier to contact people to send them newsletters, relevant information or to create a new business.


With friends in the industry, it is easier to reach your goals. Sometimes you just need the middleman that can help you achieve your goals.


Building a personal takes a lot of work, especially with so many influencers out there. The sad story is you must put a lot of time, engagement, and work into the content you need for your personal branding on social media. Not everyone will be a success. When you need help on social media management, photographer, influencer marketing or brand identity. Please send me a message.

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